The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners PC Steam Key

£30.99 £20.49

Release Date: 23rd January 2020
Platform: Steam
Region: Worldwide
Language: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese – Brazil, Spanish, Spanish – Latin America

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Saints & Sinners brings a whole new take on the Walking Dead games. Fully designed for virtual-reality, the player controls every decision and every choice! Scavenge for resource throughout New Orleans, fend off the undead and contemplate your team’s life or death choices. Live The Walking Dead.

A new take on Survival Horror. Use your witts to undertake the toughest challenges and decisions.

  • Face the undead guns blazing or learn all the ways to sneak and hide among them.
  • Take on missions from different factions and survivors to earn valuable resources.
  • Risk life and limb to protect those in need or brutally murder anyone who stands in your way.
  • See how your choices affect the people of New Orleans, and learn to live with the consequences.

A Vast World To Explore in VR

Crafting, exploration, freedom of choice and visceral combat make this a deep, 15+ hour game built for VR.

  • Cut down both the dead and the living with an arsenal of melee, ranged and makeshift weapons, all physics-based objects you can realistically wield.
  • Knock walker heads clear off and rip out weapons impaled in their skulls.
  • Creep through ruined streets and creole mansions to scavenge for supplies and secrets.
  • Scale the sides of buildings, cars, and walls to ambush enemies from above or make a quick escape.


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