Death Stranding PS4 Christmas Sale – 45% Off @ Walmart!

With game sales left and right this Christmas season it can be hard to keep track of the AAA games that are on sale. One that you definitely shouldn’t miss is Death Stranding! If you haven’t already played this masterpiece, it is currently 45% off at Walmart for their Christmas sale, bringing the price down to $35.00. We’ve screenshotted the offer below, you can click on the image and it will take you directly to Walmart’s page.


Top review from Walmart:

This game, Is by far, the most interesting game I have played in a long time. All games shouldn’t be about who can kill the most or nonstop insane action, and anyone who has ever played one of Kojima’s games, know he tells a story and makes a game around that, the exception being MGS5, greatest game never finished. I found myself wanting to complete every area fully before I would move one, I wanted to explore this world his team made. I loved how the game slowly explained this crazy world you found yourself in, yet treated your character like he knew the info, because he already has been living there, making you put together what everything was little by little. Is this game for everyone? Not at all, But for gamers who like to lose themselves every now and again in a story that would make an amazing novel, or visuals that would even make an exciting and dramatic movie, then you have to try it , and see how the Death Stranding can connect us all.



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