How To Get 34% Off Borderlands 3 Pre-Order

The Borderlands 3 release is nearing fast! Having loved the previous titles I cannot wait to get my hands on this one. For those of you who have not preordered the game and are looking to do so, you can now get 34% off the title using the offer below! The price is highly likely to rise the closer the release date gets, so if you’re looking to pick up the game we’d recommend doing it before the early weeks of release.

Borderlands 3 is a first-person coop loot shooter (coop being optional but recommended.) Players choose a character from one of four classes available, and take on various missions given out by non-playable characters (NPCs) and at bounty boards to gain experience, money, and reward items. Players will also gain these items by defeating various enemies and mobs throughout the game. As the player’s character levels up, you gain skill points which you can use to spec into various different skill trees. The game introduces four new playable characters to the series: Amara, a Siren who summons ethereal fists; Moze, a young “Gunner” who rides the mecha Iron Bear; Zane, an “Operative” with a variety of gadgets; and FL4K, a robot “Beastmaster” who summons creatures to aid in fights. Unlike previous Borderlands games where each character had only one unique skill that operated on a cooldown, there is now three unique skills for each character, though only one (or in Zane’s case, two) can be equipped at a time, greatly expanding the number of potential character builds a player can make.

Besides the weapons and skills, new combat maneuvers have been given to the players arsenal, such as crouch-sliding influenced by the mechanic in Titanfall and Apex Legends, as well as wall climbing. Players can also take cover behind short barriers, which while helpful in a pinch, they can be destroyed by the barracade of bullets being fired at them.

While the game starts on the planet Pandora, early on in the game the player will gain access to a space craft known as Sanctuary III, which serves as a central hub between missions. From here the player can choose to travel to various planets where possible Vaults have been identified. While aboard Sanctuary III, players can manage their inventory, recover guns they had left on the field, purchase new guns and upgrades, and take on optional missions.

Borderlands 3 releases on 13th September 2019. See you on Pandora!

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